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Introduce our business




360degree music video 'CreateVR'!

Our VR movie production service is producing the only movie that suits customers.
Our company guarantees customer's satisfactory quality with responsibility from shooting to planning and editing completion.
Express the world view of 360 degrees together with music, which can not be expressed only by plane screen.
In addition, our original idea, which is only our company, creates high-profile works.
Based on the slogan "360 degree view of the world into music", we will create 360degrees music as new value.


Web Service developmentand administration

Our web development and administration are made by the our new technology based on the abundant results.Our slogan is "More familiar with the world through IT from Tokyo" and we are good at global business to send IT information from Tokyo to the world.We bring new value that is new technology beyond a border in the global society.



Application development


Our development of mobile application business is diverges into many way.
We are making mobile application equipped with a new technoloy,mainly Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning.
"To send a valuable information to a customer" We offer to the contents that we have selected carefully and try to improvement of the operability (UX/UI) of the mobile application.





We provide various consulting services that conjunct with our contents.
Please let us know your problems and requires, we will make a most suitable suggestion based on our abundant results in order to solve the problem for customers.
We are focus on eyes to the future and we will help business that you are drawing successfull about the business strategy.



Contract-based Software Development


We provide contract-based Software Development both of the Web Service development and administration and the application development.
We provide the service with high quality and speedy.
Please feel free to contact us.