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Privacy policy


Protecting privacy of a customer is most important in our business (Web Service development, administration, mobile application development, consulting), and it is based on social duty.
We publicize it to all employees and we absolutely protect personal information appropriately.


1.About a personal information protection management system.


We recognize importance of the personal information protection and protect personal information appropriately.
In addition, based on regularly an investigation about the personal information protection, we try to continuous improvement of the personal information protection management system.


2.About a collection, and use


when collect a privacy ,we use it clear on purpose occasion of the collect for personal information, and having obtained agreement from customer in legal and in our fair business.
In addition, we pay attention to scrupulously the use of the personal information that we collected with appropriate management then use it in the use range that obtained consent.
We use the information that registered only for the following purposes.In addition, we take care of the regime in the company and safety management measures not to use the personal information across the range of the use purpose.


Purpose for personal information

● Webサービス開発・運営および関連業務の契約及び遂行のため

●For the contract and accomplishment allied duties of the web service development, administration.
●For the contract and accomplishment allied duties of the mobile application development, administration.
●For the contract of a consulting service and allied duties and accomplishment.
●For a marketing research and analysis.
●For an information of our service, product and campaign.


3.About unjust access to personal information, loss, destruction, manipulation and a leak.


For keep safty and accuracy of the privacy ,recognize the risk for unjust access,loss to personal information, destruction, manipulation and the leak to secure accuracy of the personal information and prevention from the risk with establish responsibility system and standard in the company, and make safety aappropriate and rational measures.


4.About observance about laws and ordinances, industry guidelines, the rule in the company


We observe laws and ordinances applied about handling of the personal information that we hold the guidance , country establishes and other models.


5.About inquiry for a personal information


We prompt correspondence with an inquiry window for a complaint , questions , and the privacy policy from the customer.

【 個人情報の取り扱いについて 】

About handling of the personal information


6.About a useage of the personal information

● Webサービス開発・運営および関連業務の契約及び遂行のため
● モバイル向けアプリケーション開発および関連業務の契約及び遂行のため
● コンサルティング業務および関連業務の契約及び遂行のため
● マーケティング調査及び分析のため
● 弊社のサービス、商品及びキャンペーンのご案内等のため

We use the information that you had register in us only for the following purposes.
● For the contract and accomplishment of the Web Service development, administration .
● For the contract and accomplishment of the mobile application development, administration .
●For the contract and accomplishment of the consulting service .
● For a marketing research and analysis
● For the guidance of our service, product and campaign.

【 お客様より委託を受けた個人情報の取り扱い 】

[Privacy policy that commissioned business from a customer]


7. When we received commissioned business about handling of personal information from a customer we manage the use (processing, print) of personal information within the commissioned business and manage personal information carefully.


8.About a offer to the third party of the personal information.


We may contribute some or all of the personal information which satisfied with the standard personal information management system of our official regulations to accomplish the duties for the collection.
But it is limited to only a purpose to use for the duties concerned.
About the offer method, we handle it by our official regulations severely.


9.About the case that you not agree with share the information.


We manage the personal information that we took by the personal information management system of our official regulations, but offering the information is your arbitrary.
If you can not offer the information,we may not contribute the service .


10. About an acquisition of the personal information by the person cannot recognize easily.


In our website, may use a" cookie" (Cookie).
However, the usage is for a convenience in the site for a customer , not a purpose of the collection of the personal information.
In addition, you can refuse the receiving cookie by the setting of the browser in your side, but, in that case, you may cause inconvenience by limitation such as the function that aimed at the convenience improveme for the customer not working normally producing it beforehand.


11. Exception


We will have an agreement about the offer to purpos of use of the personal information to a third party, but except in case of the following below.
●When it might be injure the life of the person or the third party, body, property or other right profit by we notify to the person purpos of use and announced it.
●When it might be spoil our right or fair profit by we notify to the person purpos of use or announcing it.
● It might be affect accomplishment of the work concerned by the work that laws and ordinances determine and notifies to the person purpose of use or announcing it when it is necessary to cooperate accomplishment of the work for the goverment.
●When, judging from the situation of the acquisition, it is admitted purpose of use is clear.
●When it is based on laws.
●When it is necessary for protection of human life, body or property and when it is difficult to obtain the person's consent.
●When it is necessary for the promotion of sanitary improvement or healthy upbringing of the child and when it is difficult to obtain the person's consent.
●When it is necessary to cooperate for the person who received business from the goverment and accomplishing the work with laws and ordinances and it might affect accomplishment work concerned by obtaining the person's consent.


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